How did it all start?

How did it all start?

Why would I focus on children’s ability to learn to speak in public? Serendipity is the answer, I was invited to participate in a global congress of public speaking in Lisbon in September of 2019.

That’s when we could still travel and mingle in an auditorium.  A fascinating show with speakers from all four corners of the earth, and yes, you are spot on, almost a quarter of the conference was dedicated to children.


Three speakers, opened my mind and set this project, without me knowing it at the time, into motion. other species has appendages with such a remarkable range of capabilities.

Koka from India, told us how complicated in is for students to find a job after graduation because three quarters of them feel insecure and cannot deliver a speech coherently.

And sadly, this anxiety, unless cured, stays with students throughout their adult life. So Koka sat up a program in his home town and successfully taught youngsters public speaking skills.

Fred from Canada informed us of similar success stories, how learning to speak in front of others made a vast difference in educating children, making them more self-confident, boosting their self esteem and their leadership skills.

At last, Angel from Spain, an angel working for an NGO in Sierra Leone got a standing ovation on how he was able to change the destiny of many children living in utter poverty.

So, today, just over a year later, David and Vincent started a project to help children and adolescents to overcome their fears of speaking in front of their peers, to value critical thinking and understand the importance to receive and give feedback. 

If becoming a better speaker has enormous professional and emotional benefits for adults, it is very likely that the public speaking skills of children and adolescents will change the course of their lives.

For starters, public speaking empowers and builds self-esteem and will help young people to influence and persuade others more effectively.

Can we allow our children not to know how to think critically and creatively?

At present, the influence of social networks increases continuously and it is our responsibility to focus on the appropriate tools, like oratory, in the development of a fresh, agile and critical mind of young people.

Effective communication allows the new generations and their parents, to make new social connections and significantly improve their personal relationships.

We live in an age where citizens are judged on how well they communicate. Despite that reality, many students finish school or college with impressive grades, but when it comes to the spoken word, many find themselves struggling to express themselves clearly and confidently.

Stage fright shuts them up when asked to make a presentation to their colleagues or bosses, the feeling of dread and panic can be overwhelming for many.

At Komünikare we are dedicated to help you to become a strong communicator. Understanding the power of language will pave the road for kids to focus and stand out as leaders.

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