Communications skills are vital for children

Communications skills are vital for children

Covid-19, the pandemic which has hit Spain, and the rest of the world, so severely has been a blessing in disguise for the two entrepreneurs who have started Komünikare in October 2020.

All our lives changed due to lock down and a dramatic change in how we can continue to communicate.

Vincent Nerée and David Moreno, the founders of this project, are both highly experienced public speakers and communication coaches, having been members of various public speaking clubs in Spain and have frequently participated in national and international speech contests.

The emphasis of our online school is to teach children and adolescents vital communication skills which are mostly not addressed through the current education systems.

Having access to public speaking tutoring online enables students from across Europe to master communication skills which will make an enormous difference in their future lives.

At Komünikare we are dedicated to help your child, to become a strong communicator. Understanding the power of language will pave the road for kids to focus and stand out as leaders.

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