Why not to be afraid of your audience?

Why not to be afraid of your audience?

To be able to communicate with others, to express ourselves coherently is a challenge for many.

The lack of public speaking skills is one of the reasons that, as adults, many feel insecure to speak to an audience or to just simply look into someone’s eyes.

Sadly, not having the courage to face an audience is perhaps the heaviest burden in our life. Now, just imagine if we forget to prepare our children and the new generation to face this challenge?

Almost 30 per cent of failed job interviews are due to the fact that the candidate failed orally and that their body language was poor. A vast amount of academics, besides having in-depth knowledge in their fields of expertise feel completely lost, nervous and frightened to speak to an audience.

At Komünikare we try to prevent this to happen and help those who seek guidance. All of us are either born with the skill to speak in public, or have learned it in the past; but practice, constant practice is needed to keep our skills alive.

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