learning to debate

«Learning to debate»

Brief description of the program: debating is a great tool for children to improve their speaking and listening skills to foster their self-esteem. Learning to debate has many benefits for your child, such as the ability to view a statement or idea from several perspectives, through critical thinking, critical listening, and critical speaking.

Difficulty: 🌟 🌟

Duration: 10 hours

Fees: 75 €


The objectives of this course are

  • Expression and delivery: being able to speak with the right pace, tone, language and body language to engage an audience and convey your argument.
  • Listening and responding: listening critically to the other side’s argument, and using what you hear to develop a well-reasoned response.
  • Organization and prioritization: knowing how to structure your speaking, and when to say the things you want to say.
  • Reasoning and evidence: turning facts and statistics into a strong argument.

Is this course suitable for my child?

  • This is an 10 hours course, suitable for children from 7 to 12 years.
  • There will be 2 weekly 60 minutes classes. 
  • The course will be completed in 5 weeks.
  • Only a reduced number of students will be admitted.


At the end of the course your child will have learned many essential skills to survive better in the school environment, will be able to stand by his believes and opinions.

He should be able to differentiate between different schools of thought and will be less likely to become a victim of bullying.

It builds their critical listening skills and their ability to respond to what other people are saying, and teachers find that it has a knock-on effect on children’s written work, as it helps them understand how to structure their work and make their points clearly.


Please note:

It is important for you to know that at Komünikare we make sure that all classes are highly personalized. We take great care that all children participate and that classes are entertaining and the experience in the class be fun and not competitive. Each student learns better if he does it without pressure, at his own pace.

As with all of our programs, “Learning to debate” is taught by people with years of experience in communication and public speaking.