«The power of impromptu & controlling anxiety»

Brief description of the program: for more than 85% of adults, speaking in front of others is one of their worst nightmares. Just imagine that you belong to the remaining 15%. Effective speaking in spontaneous situations is for most adults even more complicated than delivering a prepared speech. Impromptu communication skills are a wonderful tool to enable you to become a confident and relaxed speaker.

Difficulty: 🌟 🌟

Duration: 6 hours

Fees: 75 €


The objectives of this course are

  • To be present: being able to listen and to pay attention.
  • Acknowledge your environment: learning to be spontaneous and coherent.
  • Controlling anxiety: learning to understand why we feel nervous and how to avoid that we physically try to distance ourselves from the audience.
  • Being genuine: to be authentic and avoiding automated reactions.

Is this course for me?

  • This is an 6 hours course.
  • There will be 1 weekly 90 minutes classes. 
  • The course will be completed in 4 weeks.
  • Only a reduced number of students will be admitted.


You will develop spontaneous speaking skills, become even more creative and learn how to present yourself to others. You will learn to pay better attention to what others say and be mentally present.

A top priority of this course is to help you to concentrate and avoid getting distracted.

You will learn that with the help of a few bullet points you will master to deliver powerful speeches.


Please note:

It is important for you to know that at Komünikare we make sure that all classes are highly personalized. We take great care that all children participate and that classes are entertaining and the experience in the class be fun and not competitive. Each student learns better if he does it without pressure, at his own pace.

As with all of our programs, “Impromptu” is taught by people with years of experience in communication and public speaking.