Keeping up professional appearances on Zoom

Do you really need to get out of your pajamas before a zoom conference? Under lockdown and home office, we tend to relax, tend to think that no one really notices. ¡WRONG!

Here are some cardinal rules to start your zoom-based office from home. Your voice is much like your face after eight hours of blissful sleep, it takes a while to lose that distinctive, muffled sound of still sleepy voice.



Dress to kill or how to design your zoom stage

The unforgettable year, 2020 with all its casualties and devastation is coming to an end, but there may well be a blessing in disguise. Many of us will need to prepare for new jobs, as our current ones have been swept away by the collateral damage of the pandemic.

Thus, we need to concentrate on what we really want and need, perhaps a high income in a large city or living happily on a lower income in a rural area with no commutes but those from the kitchen to your desk. Whatever your objectives for 2021, solid communications skills are of vital importance for you and your career.



Can you deliver a speech at TEDx?

Does speaking in front of an audience make you feel nervous?

It most likely will, but as with all talents, practice, practice and more practice, will make the difference, and yes, most of us belong to the 85% of the population who suffer from terrible stage fright.



How did it all start?

Why would I focus on children’s ability to learn to speak in public? Serendipity is the answer, I was invited to participate in a global congress of public speaking in Lisbon in September of 2019.

That’s when we could still travel and mingle in an auditorium. A fascinating show with speakers from all four corners of the earth, and yes, you are spot on, almost a quarter of the conference was dedicated to children.



Why not to be afraid of your audience?

To be able to communicate with others, to express ourselves coherently is a challenge for many.

The lack of public speaking skills is one of the reasons that, as adults, many feel insecure to speak to an audience or to just simply look into someone’s eyes.



Communications skills are vital for children

Covid-19, the pandemic which has hit Spain, and the rest of the world, so severely has been a blessing in disguise for the two entrepreneurs who have started Komünikare in October 2020.

All our lives changed due to lock down and a dramatic change in how we can continue to communicate.